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Frassenè is an Italian company established in 1995, that sells sporting goods and has been operating in the market since 2000.

For over fifteen years, Frassenè has met the needs of thousands cyclists and sports enthusiasts with the online sales website Shopelite.

The Shopelite website markets various types of products:

  • Elite Real training roller video races
  • App accessories
  • Elite Ozone, a line of massage oils and creams resulting from Elite Ozone research and created specifically for cyclists and the fans of all sports
  • Suto, a highly technical breathable outfit for indoor cycling training
  • Elite branded clothing
  • Coca Cola bottles
  • Various bottles and cages
  • Spare parts for Elite's products

All products sold on the website are the result of important R&D work in the world of sports and especially cycling.

For over fifteen years, Frassenè has developed an efficient model for the analysis of consumer data, enabling the offer of a service attentive to meet the customers needs. For this reason we ask you to help us. Please e-mail any advice and suggestions you may have to info@shopelite-it.com, in order to continually improve our service.